TFGcrowd Review


What is TFGcrowd and will it provide safe, reliable and high returns? Read this review before you invest.

TFGcrowd is a P2P investment platform that aims at optimizing the risk/reward ratio.  TFGcrowd focuses on a minimalistic approach to investing by simplifying the crowdinvesting process and creating a network that is secure, fast, and easy to use.

TFGcrowd offers an investment plan that eliminates any extra or unnecessary steps for the investors, giving them the opportunity to invest in the businesses that they believe in, while providing businesses with the capital they need to grow.

Any individuals over 18 with a valid European bank account can invest through TFGcrowd.

TFGcrowd Features

List of Vetted Businesses and Projects

TFGcrowd offers investors a high return on investment. In order to do that, they acquire vetted, trustworthy brands and projects that investors are encouraged to take part in. This gives the investor the peace of mind that their money will be invested in a business with the proper tools and skills to create high returns.

Fast and Easy Business Selection

TFGcrowd makes it easy for investors to choose the businesses and projects that they want to get involved with and invest in. Once a business is chosen from TFGcrowd’s list of vetted businesses, all the investor has to do is invest and await the results.  The investor’s process from beginning to end is uncomplicated and user friendly.

No Investor Fees

There are no fees for investors. Any expenses regarding the loan process will be paid for by the borrowers.

Benefits of Investing in TFGcrowd

Secure Online Platform

TFGcrowd offers both investors and businesses a safe and secure space for borrowing and lending. The TFGcrowd online platform offers just that – a place for investors to invest with confidence that their money will be used to positively impact the business and build profit.  It also offers an easy way to interact and learn about the businesses that he or she may consider investing in.

Simplified Investment Process

TFGcrowd’s platform gives both brands and their investors a space to lend and borrow without worrying about the intricacies of intermediaries and third parties.  Essentially, TFGcrowd gives you the opportunity to cut out the middleman and dedicate your time, money and energy to the goal at hand: business growth and returned profit.

Fast Returns and Buyback Guarantee

Since TFGcrowd has built reliable partnerships with businesses that have the tools and skills necessary to succeed, investors can expect high and early returns on their investment. Ultimately, TFGcrowd promises worry free investments.

The Buyback Guarantee works to support the investor in case the borrower is late with repayment of the loan. TFGcrowd compensates the investor the principle amount as well as accrued interest after 60 days of delay.


A drawback of TFGcrowd is the fixed maturity date. Currently, early exit options are not available, however, they plan on changing this in the near future.

What Distinguishes TFGcrowd From Other Platforms?

TFGcrowd centralizes and simplifies the investment portfolio. This innovative platform shortens the investment process, keeps all transactions reliable and secure and makes investing hassle-free.