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What is Flender and will it provide safe, reliable and high returns? Read this review before you invest.

Flender is a P2P lending platform operating in Ireland. The platform offers investment opportunities in Irish business loans.

Flender loans are characterized by high interest rates, combined with a rigorous credit checking process. Loan shares are available on the Flender market, where the minimum investment is €50 per loan with average annual returns of just above 10%.

Businesses and individuals over 18 with a valid bank account can invest through the Lender platform. And no fees are charged to lenders.

Flender Features

Their Own Loan Originator

Flender does not use external loan originators. Instead, they handle the process of providing and listing loans, as well as debt collection, without any third-party involvement.

Access to Business Loans

Flender provides loans to limited companies, sole traders and partnerships in Ireland. All loans are relatively small, ranging from €10,000 to €100,000.

Escamples of Flender Investment opportunities

Flender evaluates the risk of each loan applicant based on accounting data as well and information obtained from Equifax and Stubbs Gazette.

Automatic reinvestment with AutoFlend

Flender offers an automatic reinvestment feature, called AutoFlend, which allows efficient re-investment of funds.

Flender Review AutoFlend

Investors can set up their auto-investor to filter loan shares according to duration and level of risk. In addition, you can prioritize how much to invest in each group. This makes it easy to optimize the portfolio according to your personal risk/reward preferences.

When taking advantage of AutoFlend, all deposits as well as interest and repayments received will be automatically re-installed, thereby optimizing compounding interest.

Benefits of investing in Flender

Loans are Secured with Personal Guarantees

In addition to the thorough credit check of applicants, all loans provided by Flender are secured with directors’ personal guarantees and a security deposit. So, in the event that a borrower declares bankruptcy, the owners are personally liable for repaying the debt.

Low Default Rate and Stable Returns

Due to this rigorous credit evaluation process and personal guarantees, only 0.2% of Flender loans default, as defined by delayed payments of more than 120 days.

With a low default rate and historical returns just over 10%, investors would expect a steady, fixed monthly income.

Ireland: Increased Portfolio Diversification

Ireland P2P investing

Investors that sign up to Flender will gain access to Irish loans. Very few such opportunities for investing in the Irish loan market exist.

Adding Ireland to your P2P lending portfolio will increase your geographic diversification into a politically and financially stable Western country that has a high credit rating, low corruption and efficient financial markets.


Flender’s focus on Ireland is both a strength and a disadvantage. While this makes Flender experts in this particular market, it is not sufficient for a geographically diverse portfolio. Thus, most investors who are aiming for full diversification will have to sign up for at least one other platform as well.

What Distinguishes Flender from other Platforms?

Flender offers an opportunity to help successful businesses to grow, while providing generous returns that surpass the stock market.

By using the user-friendly AutoFlend feature, it’s very easy to set up a passive income stream or a hands-off vehicle for growing your net worth.