Žltý melón Review

What is Žltý melón and will it provide safe, reliable and high returns? Read this review before you invest.

Žltý melón (meaning ‘Yellow melon’ or Cantaloupe) is a Slovak P2P lending platform operating in Bratislava.

The platform is open to all residents of the European Economic zone at least 18 years of age. It was launched in 2012 and has since serviced multiple homebuyers in mortgage financing. It is supported by the European Investment Fund and offers borrowers up to € 35 000 with maximum returns amounting to 15 % annually.

Žltý melón is also the first Slovak P2P lender with a successful combined investment of over seven million euros.


Cash free housing

Žltý melón works in cooperation with well-known property developers to offer loans intended to cover part of a property purchase.

They are working on new projects that will see investors able to acquire loans to cover real estate projects under construction. The procedure is bank free and borrowers can receive funds directly or paid to their housing developers.

Secondary market

The platform features a secondary market, where you can invest in existing loans offered up for sale by other investors. Through this market loan shares are reasonably liquid and can be converted to cash if needed.

Investing in the secondary market is transparent, as one can see the borrower’s full loan repayment history as well as the details of their original loan application and auction. In addition, you are able to discuss terms of a loan share in investments with the current investors.

Non-purpose loans

Aside from mortgages, Žltý melón also offers non-purpose loans. If borrowers need money for education, weddings, travel or holidays they can apply and receive up to € 10 000.

With some of the most favorable interest rates in the local market, they are guaranteed loans with fixed installments and no hidden fees.

Benefits of Žltý melón

Investment security

With Žltý melón, your investments are kept secure with a sophisticated system of risk minimizing. It ensures you capitalize on investment profits and facilitate low-cost borrowing.

Your investment cash is held in a bank account not owned by the platform. Thus, in the event of bankruptcy, your funds remain safe.


At Žltý melón loan information, repayments, and fees are published and displayed for all to see. There are no shady deals or suspicious business practices.

They have you covered with a security system in place, which allows you to connect with different people across the EU.

Auto investments

The platform offers automatic reinvesting of returns. With the secondary market feature, an investor can capitalize on returns by co-investing with others on ongoing or new loans. The auto invest feature can be used to invest in one Žltý melón’s 3 ‘portfolio options’. These options have different target return rates as well as well as different criteria with regards to risk categories, interest rates, duration etc.


Poor user interface

The Žltý melón website is difficult to navigate and understand. The guidelines through the web page are situated at the bottom. So at first sight, it looks like a page almost devoid of information.

The signup process is fairly lengthy. Futhermore you must wait about one day for the ŽM staff to manually approve your application and your identification documents. Although this is put in place in order to ensure a correct legal procedure.

What distinguishes Žltý melón from other platforms?

Being the first P2P lending platform in Slovakia, this is a platform with a lot of potential. They have also completed a series A investment round, raising capital for further developments.

Žltý melón is unique with its numerous loan types, including auctions and a secondary market. Despite minimal advertising, it has stood out as a pioneer lender with a large number of loyal clients.