Lendix Review

What is Lendix and will it provide safe, reliable and high returns? Read this review before you invest.

Lendix is a French crowdlending platform that works to connect borrowers to individual and institutional investors, in an effort to finance projects and generate returns.  Introduced in 2015, Lendix is the main platform in France for the amounts of ventures it has financed.

Borrowers can apply through Lendix and expect an answer within 7 days. They offer fixed rates of 4 to 9 % for up to 60 months. Any France resident over 18 years with a bank account can sign up. Residents of Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland can also invest through Lendix.


Diversifying funds

As one of the leading crowdlending platforms in Europe, Lendix allows for diversification of funds. You can improve your portfolio by investing in small ventures. Diversifying your funds minimizes the negative impact of defaulted loans.

Project duration

Lendix offers terms from 18 to 48 months. Loan amount ranges from 30,000 to 300,000 euros. Applicants are required to present income sheets that are analyzed by a credit committee. The committee determines risk and sets interest rates, with greater risks having higher rates.

SME financing

Lendix offers loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Italy and accompanying regions for loans ranging from 30,000 to 3 million euros. SMEs can apply online and set the desired amount maturity terms.

Merits of Lendix

User interface

The Lendix web page is clear and precisely designed. It is easy to navigate and projects presented are visible and categorized. It shows the statistics of previous and ongoing projects. It analyses projects.


Lendix is registered and verified by authorities under local laws. Loan transactions are secured through a banking partner. In the case of Lendix’ liquidation, investor funds are kept safe.

Saves on intermediary fees

Unlike the traditional financial industry, Lendix saves investors by bypassing intermediary fees associated with distributors, brokers, and banks. Due to reduced fees investors can capitalize more on their investments.


Lendix has mostly good reviews among users. Although expected returns are much lower that most other platforms.

What distinguishes Lendix from other platforms?

Lendix in particular is an interesting option, if you wish to diversify your portfolio by adding France, Italy and/or Spain to your crowdlending portfolio.