Housers Review

What is Housers and will it provide safe, reliable and high returns? Read this review before you invest.

Housers is a Spanish property investment and real estate crowdlending platform. It was founded in 2015 where investors could log on and choose where, when and how much to invest in real estate properties.

Most individuals of legal age as well as legal companies can sign up at Housers. Minimum investment is € 50 whereas maximum investment depends on the type of investment. The platform currently issues investment opportunities from Spain, Portugal Italy.


Real estate investment opportunities

Housers offers equity investment contracts, where investors buy a property. They then wait for property prices to to appreciate after which they sell for a profit. Housers has set predetermined timelines for funding an opportunity. However, this timeline can be extended by 25% the designated time.

Savings opportunities

Since investors buy portions of a property and it is not sold right away, they capitalize on monthly returns. The property does not have a fixed sale price as such appreciates steadily over time. This makes a great opportunity for saving income. A project is supposed to be funded more than 90% for it to remain open for sale.

Sales opportunity

Purchasing shares in a property by investors guarantees an end sale after the property’s value has appreciated. Spain being one of the most significant economies in the world makes a great deal for real estate investments with high returns on sales. Each investment has different yields, you should check up on the projects you have funded to determine the estimated yields.


User-Friendly dashboard

Considering it is a Spanish company, its web page has good English translation that does not create any frustration for new users. It is easy to navigate and has well-outlined destinations. The FAQs section is very well outlined and a user can learn a lot about the company from that section.


Housers guarantees security as everything is regulated by Spanish financial markets regulator. Housers acts as a connector between investors and borrowers using a different banking entity as their own. Therefore, should the company face bankruptcy, investors’ funds remain secure.


No buyback guarantees

Dealing with property management and real estates is directed towards sales rather than returns. Dealing with real estates does not allow for buyback of defaulted loans.

No auto investment

Housers does not offer auto investments as investments are are usually long-term. The alternative to this would be to diversify your investments and build your portfolio. You can also buy shares from projects already funded provided there are any on the secondary market.

What distinguishes Housers from other platforms?

Being the first real estate crowdlending platform in Spain, Housers provides an attractive opportunity for those looking to diversify their portfolio. In particular for those who are looking to invest in Southern European properties.

Housers provides you with an easy way to invest and save on properties and receive monthly income with less hassle. You do not have to carry out the legal and administrative procedures associated with traditional financial designs.