FinBee Review

What is FinBee and will it provide safe, reliable and high returns? Read this review before you invest.

FinBee is a peer to peer lending platform based in Lithuania, launched in in 2015. They offer minimum investments at is five euros per loan. They advocate for diversification of loans to save lenders in case of default payments. Anyone can invest, provided they are 18 years or older with valid documents and a bank account in the European Union. As of 2017, FinBee has had a historical average interest rate of 21 %.


Active loan requests

At FinBee, you are open to choose your desired loan terms. You can select a consumer loan with a specific capital amount and select how long you want the capital to generate returns. The interest rate for consumer loans is around 18 %. Business loans have an interest rate starting at 6.4 % provided the business has no active debt.

Investment risk

FinBee recognizes the need of investors to maximize interest returns and mimize risk. They select creditworthy borrowers and  monitor their risk management process. According to FinBee rules a borrower us required to meet certain criteria: Debt cannot exceed 40% of borrower’s income. Welfare and allowances are not considered as income.

Other demographics such as age, employment history, and education are also used in the risk management process. There is also no guarantee that an applicant’s financial status will qualify for a loan.

Personal responsibility

FinBee investments are not secured or insured. Before investing with FinBee, you are advised to evaluate your personal and family finances, as unsecured loans entail risk of loosing your investment.


High interest and low default rate

FinBee offers some of the highest interest rates and lowest default rates. For investors, this is advantageous as they get to maximize returns while experiencing low levels of defaults and late payments.

Business loans

Among the Baltic states, FinBee is the only P2P platform that invests in business loans. Companies registered with banks in the European Union are eligible for business loans.

They also offers peer-to-business lending licenses for companies. However, companies can only receive business loans, if they have been in the market for at least a year.

Diverse portfolio

Investors can upgrade their portfolio by diversifying their loans across a number of borrowers. Investors can select loans for individuals or business and set interest rates and risk levels.

Statistics show whether the quality of investor’s loan portfolio is improving.


One loan repayment is required before a loan can be offered for sale on the secondary market. If the first loan repayment is delayed, it cannot be resold. It will have to be held to maturity or wait for borrower to catch up on his/her payments.

What distinguishes FinBee from other platforms?

FinBee offers very high interest rates and a low default rate, which makes this potentially high-profit investment opportunity.

They also provide a secondary market, where new investors can invest in already existing loans.