Viainvest Review

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What is Viainvest and will it provide safe, reliable and high returns? Read this review before you invest.

Viainvest is a P2P investing platform issuing loans in Latvia, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic and Poland.  It is part of the VIA SMS group where borrowers request funds which then appear on Viainvest, where they are open for public investment.

Viainvest’s priority is to ensure investment security. Minimum investments are as low as € 10 euros with annual interests of 12% on consumer loans.


Loan listing

In order to invest at Viainvest, you sign up and send funds to your account. Viainvest conducts reviews of contracts and filters lists available for investment.  Investors are provided with options that are: Short-term consumer loans, installment loans, savings products and credit line.

Fees are deducted from interests in the form of reduced return on investments.

Auto invest

You are can set up your own investment criteria and fully automate the (re-)investment process. Clients are open to investing in other small ventures. It has a system in place that automatically works on your preferred setup based on loan term, interest and investment amount.

Primary market

Loan originators provide loan contracts for investments.  There is a ready market with buyback guarantee through these loan originators.

Account overview

An extensive review is done on contract information to assist you in the decision making. As an investor safeguard against bankruptcy, Viainvest keep invested funds in accounts separate from the their.

If buyback guaranteed loans are late by more than 30 days, loan originator repurchases the loan at a nominal value of outstanding principal and accumulated interest.


Client relationship

Viainvest values customer satisfaction. They also welcome private as well as and business investors.


Viainvest aim to combine value generation with safety through diversification. P2P investing within the European Union, where Viainvest operates, ensures the protection of your capital.


This platform acts as an intermediary between borrowers and investors offering a platform for safe and transparent investment opportunities. There are no hidden fees or costs for using the platform.

Compounding returns

Viainvest offers automatic re-investing of interests and repaid principal. This ensures constant optimized use of capital, and allows you to take advantage of the “magic” of compound interest – allowing even small investments to grow into considerable savings.


Viainvest has a poorly designed website. The contents and directories are not very well outlined. The information displayed is not very detailed and does not give clear insight into the objectives of the platform.

What distinguishes Viainvest from other platforms?

Viainvest is trying to educate the public on the benefits of alternative financial services, and how to make the right financial decisions.

All loans listed on Viainvest are secured with a buyback guarantee. Its main concern is investing experience where investment security is a key factor. In addition, buyback guarantee obligates the loan originator to repurchase loan that are delayed by no more than 30 days. Compared to 60 days on most other platforms.