DoFinance Review

What is DoFinance and will it provide safe, reliable and high returns? Read this review before you invest.

DoFinance offers P2P investing in consumer loans. Investing is available for adults with a valid email address and a bank account within the European Union, Switzerland or any country in Asia. Security measures on investments involve buyback guarantee, where loan originators repurchase delinquent loans. All investors remain anonymous under DoFinance, and loans terms are 1 to 60 months. Interest rates add up to 12 % annually.



Registration is a quick process, after which you gain access to information on investment opportunities. On payment dates, you receive both principal amount and interest accrued. The received funds can then be sent to your personal bank account or reinvested.

DoFinance investing plans

Adding funds

DoFinance allows bank transfers of any amount to your investor’s account. Your investment account can be accessed at any time.

Investing through DoFinance

As investor you are provided with two options: Auto invest or choose an investment portfolio from available loan. DoFinance’s financial advisors suggest, that you diversify your portfolio by spreading investments across several loans.

DoFinance Benefits

Ease of access

Registration is quick and easy, so you can become an investor and start earning on the same day. DoFinance allows accessibility of investment funds at any time. Depending on which investing plan you choose, your money can be withdrawn before due date.

Auto investment

DoFinance offers auto investment plans where you can choose from listed loans. Auto invest ensures that your capital is remains invested for constant returns. You can easily monitor your investments and accumulated interests.

Buyback guarantee

DoFinance offers buyback on all loans. Late repayments are covered by loan originators who immediately pay back the principal amount with accumulated interest. The buyback is guaranteed by Alfa Finance group, a Polish affiliate which is the principal loan originator.


Private consumer information is valued highly and kept safe. DoFinance works to organize storage of data in accordance with the highest security standards. Investors also remain anonymous. DoFinance does not tax accumulated interest. Taxes are payable by investors in accordance with their country’s legislation regulations.


DoFinance does not offer high-interest-no-buyback loans.

What distinguishes DoFinance from other platforms?

DoFinance‘s main advantage is their Easy Access feature. With Easy Access you can liquidate your investments very quickly, rather than than waiting for due date or relaying on a secondary market. This particular feature distinguishes DoFinance from other platforms, as investors have access to their funds at any time.