Bulkestate Review

What is Bulkestate and will it provide safe, reliable and high returns? Read this review before you invest.

Bulkestate is a P2P real estate platform operating in Latvia and Estonia. It is designed to allow real estate owners and developers conduct bulk deals with clients.

Deals go through a rigorous evaluation process by a committee team, before projects are selected and made available to investors. Minimum investment allowed is € 50 and is open for companies as well as individuals. Annual interest rates amount to 15 %. Loans are secured by a mortgage on immovable property.


Group property buying

Buyers are typically looking for properties they can finance through Bulkestate and either inhabit or rent out.

As a buyer, you are provided with a variety of bulk deals in the marketplace where you can choose an apartment to buy. You are then required to set up an account and make a reservation with a security down payment. Confirm your reservation within 48 hours after paying through your bank account. If target reservation is reached you will be informed about real estate purchase.


On the platform you are provided with a variety of real estate investments. You are then requested to set up an account, make a reservation and transfer funds to your investment account. Confirm your investment within 48 hours after paying through your bank account. If the funding target is reached, you will start receiving interest payments. If the target is not reached, Bulkestate returns your money within 48 hours.



Two years of existence give Bulkestate a positive approach to managing real estate investments. The firm is rapidly expanding, building its experience into a solid foundation for new investors. Knowledge of the real market is important for developers looking into real estate purchases as well as financing.


Investing in property backed loans limits risk to investors. With low loan to return ratios on investments, risk is further minimized. In addition, funds are kept separate from Bulkestate, thereby protecting your money in case of insolvency.

Quick registration process

Bulkestate uses Facebook, Google and Vkontakte to set up the account and ID-verification. It also has 0 % default rates with no loans more than 30 days delayed. Bulkestate has competitive return rates and a strong underwriting team.


Lacks information on management of investments

The Bulkestate web page is limited to only how investments and property purchases work. They do not provide much information on how real estate properties are managed by developers.

No auto investments

Bulkestate does not offer automatic reinvesting. Principal and interest are collected at the end of the rate period time and that’s it. Thus, if you want to reinvest, you need to manually choose a new property to invest in.

No buyback guarantees

Mortgage and real estate backing as collateral limit buyback guarantees. For defaulted loans, properties may have to be seized.

No cash deposits

Bulkestate only accepts bank transfers and deposits. There are no physical cash deposits which can be painful for international investors as banks levy high rates. Although these rates can be limited by services such as TransferWise.

What distinguishes Bulkestate from other platforms?

Bulkestate is one of the simplest P2P investing platforms for investors. With just Facebook, email, and Vkontakte you can register and become an investor.

Real estate projects from Bulkestate offer very attractive returns. Interest rates at 13.5 – 15 % is very hard to beat.