Mintos Review

Mintos ReviewWhat is Mintos and will it provide safe, reliable and high returns? Read this review before you invest.

Based in Latvia, Mintos is a P2P lending platform offering investments originating from non-bank loan originators. It is characterized by borrowers applying for loans from originators who set interest rates and disburse money from their own funds.

Loan shares are listed on the Mintos market, where minimum investment is € 10 per loan and annual returns approximate 12%.

Companies and individuals within and outside of Europe are eligible to participating on the Mintos platform. The only requirements are ID verification and a bank account in the European Union or in any other country considered to have anti-money Laundering systems equivalent to the EU.

Mintos features

Loan originators

Mintos uses loan originators as a channel for funding loans. That means the borrower acquires loans from one of these loan originators, who, in turn, but uses Mintos as a medium for managing the loan process and payment schedules as well as offering loan shares up for sale.

Loan listings

Mintos offers loan listings where you can view available loans and choose which one to invest in. Additional information is provided for each loan including collateral, payment schedule, debt collection and other investment plans.

Growth mindset

Consumer reviews show that Mintos is a popular platform which is growing steadily. They challenge their status quo to customer-centric growth. They value success through learning, therefore, keep learning from each other and partners. The people at Mintos are also very goal oriented with ambitions based on sustainability.

Benefits of investing in Mintos

Automatic re- investment

Mintos offers an re-investment feature, that can easily be set up. The feature allow you to setup your personalized re-investment rules by selecting  the preferred settings among a long list of variables. Including, but not limited to, country, loan originators, loan types and minimum interest rate.

Investors can use the re-investment feature to automatically expanding their portfolio. When you recieve interests, they can be automatically reinvested, thus taking full advantage of the magic of compounding interest.


Mintos regards its investors and partners as companions in success. Trust is born where there is transparency. Mintos encourages open lines of communication between all employees from different company levels with investors and partners for fluid transparency. Investing with Mintos is free of charge and no fees are levied on investors upon registration.

An example of Mintos taking their investors very seriously is when loan originator, Eurocent, was showing signs of financial issues. Mintos very quickly suspended all new Eurocent loans and started sending out updates by email to investors. We consider that a very professional and trust building act by Mintos.


Mintos is actively focused on customer satisfaction. They offer efficient hassle-free solutions for an improved userinterface. They are also involved in technological opportunities that would enhance investment procedures.

Buyback guarantee

Many loans on Mintos come with buyback guarantee. And it’s very easy to recognize these opportunities, as they are clearly marked with a yellow badge.

Buybacks on Mintos are put into effect after a loan is overdue by 60 days. Both unpaid interest and remaining principal is then paid put.


International investing

Mintos is advantageous over other platforms as it is open for international investors. Investors can start earning from day one as loans are pre-funded.


Mintos offers investments in multiple currencies, which is a plus. But loans in certain currencies (CZK and GBP in particular) can be hard to come by. Don’t expect to base your complete Mintos portfolio on one of these currencies alone.

What distinguishes Mintos from other platforms?

Mintos is a very large platform, and one of the most preferred P2P investing sites, as it brings loans to the marketplace through loan originators from multiple countries around the world.

It also provides other types of loans, such as mortgage and business loans. In addition, a lot of loans from Mintos are secured with a buyback guarantee in case a loan defaults.

We don’t recommend that you only invest through one platform. But if you should disregard this suggestion or if you are staring out with just one, consider Mintos as your go-to P2P lending platform.